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Benefits Of Hiring A Dog Walker

Discussing The Value Of Hiring A Professional Dog Walker, How It Benefits You, Your Dog, And Why It Can Be Better Than A Kennel

As a pet owner, leaving your furry friends behind can be stressful. Whether it's for a vacation, business trip, or a long day at work, it can truly be a nerve racking experience. While many pet owners resort to asking friends or family for help, there's another option that offers significantly more benefits. That option is hiring a professional pet sitter. 

This article will take an in-depth look into the many benefits of hiring a professional pet sitter. Here, we will discuss the many ways hiring a professional pet sitter can benefit both you and your pets. 

A professional pet sitter & dog walker
A professional pet sitter & dog walker

Personalized Care

Professional pet sitters offer personalized care tailored to the specific needs of your pet. Unlike boarding facilities where pets may be subject to a rigid schedule, a pet sitter can adhere to your pet's regular routine. This ensures your pet receives the attention, exercise, stimulation, and feeding schedule they're accustomed to.

Additionally, if your pet has special needs, disabilities, or requires daily medicine, a professional pet sitter will always make sure they get what they need when they need it. Professional pet sitters have the experience and education to handle nearly any special needs your pet may have. 

Updates And Peace Of Mind

Many pet sitters, including Care Fur Pawz, offer real-time updates and communication throughout your pet sitting service. This is often done through text messages and/or photos. Here at Care Fur Pawz, we utilize a professional pet sitting software called Time To Pet. 

Additionally, Time To Pet allows you to receive visit reports for every visit and will include pictures and/or videos of your pets too! This application also allows you to directly communicate with your pet sitter while you are away. Having this level of communication and transparency offers you peace of mind knowing your pets are well taken care of. 

A stress-free cat
A stress-free cat

Reduced Stress for Your Pet

Leaving your pet in a familiar environment with a professional pet sitter can significantly reduce stress levels. While there is nothing wrong with kennels or boarding facilities, they can be very stressful environments. Simply put, some pets don’t do well in kennels or boarding facilities.

Being in a comfortable and familiar environment helps pets feel more secure and relaxed, minimizing the anxiety they may experience when separated from their owners. If you have an anxious or easily stressed pet, then you should hire a professional pet sitter.

Home Security

In addition to caring for your pet, many professional pet sitters also offer house-sitting services. Having someone regularly check on your home while you're away can provide peace of mind and act as a deterrent to potential burglars. Knowing that your home is being looked after can make your time away more enjoyable and worry-free.

One-on-one pet care
One-on-one pet care

Individual Attention

When you hire a professional pet sitter, you get individual one-on-one care & attention for your pets. This one-on-one interaction is invaluable, especially for pets who may be shy, elderly, or have special needs. You won’t get that kind of individual care at a kennel or boarding facility. 

Maintaining Routine

Both dogs and cats thrive on routine. Therefore, disruptions to their routine schedule can cause stress and behavioral issues. With a professional pet sitter, you can rest assured that your pet's routine will remain consistent. From feeding times to play sessions and walks, a pet sitter will ensure that your pet's schedule stays on track.

Medical Attention

Professional pet sitters are trained to recognize signs of illness or distress in animals. Additionally, all Care Fur Pawz pet sitters are trained in pet first aid & pet CPR.  In the event that your pet requires medical attention while you're away, a pet sitter can act quickly to seek veterinary care. This prompt response can be crucial in ensuring your pet's health and well-being.

The Big Picture

Hiring a professional pet sitter offers numerous benefits for both you and your pet. From personalized care and reduced stress to maintaining routine and home security. A professional pet sitter can provide peace of mind knowing that your beloved companion is in capable hands. So the next time you're planning a trip, consider hiring a professional pet sitter like Care Fur Pawz!

Care Fur Pawz pet sitting & dog walking
Care Fur Pawz pet sitting & dog walking

Looking For A Professional Pet Sitter?

Our furry companions hold a very special place in our hearts. Which is why you should always leave their care and well being in the hands of a professional. When it comes to professional pet care, look no further than Care Fur Pawz!

Care Fur Pawz, located in South Aurora, Colorado, provides personal professional pet care in your home. We are insured and bonded, CPR and Pet First Aid Certified, and a certified member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS). 

For all of your pet sitting needs, give us a call at 720-500-7299 or check out our website by clicking here. We look forward to caring for your furry family! 

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