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Dog Training
Policies & Guidelines

HOMEWORK AND COMMITMENT Training your dog is a lifetime commitment that is dependent on your dedication and consistent upkeep on training. When you sign the Pet Care Contract, you are committing to the training and agree to do the homework that is recommended by the trainer in between lessons. By doing the homework daily and upkeeping the training you will see improvement. Results depend on the owner, their consistency and how much training they do with their dog. All family members must also be on the same page and follow the training so the dog has clear expectations. Throughout the lessons the trainer will provide you with all the techniques and information you will need to succeed after the lessons are completed. Some behaviors may be due to a deeper issue that could be neurological or health related. If we even feel this is the case, we will recommend you to go to a veterinarian or a behaviorist to determine the root of the issue.


TRAINING TOOLS AND METHODS Care Fur Pawz believes in positive reinforcement and force free training ONLY. This means we do not use tools such as e-collars, choke chains, prong/pinch collars,electric fences, electric mats, slapping, hitting, shouting, yanking, grabbing and any other tools and methods that are aversive and will cause fear and harm to the dog. If the owner is adamant about using any training tools or methods that will scare or hurt the dog then we will politely refuse service and send them on their way. 


UNLEASHED DOGS Care Fur Pawz is not liable for any injuries and escapes that may happen to any dogs that are off leash and the owner was not instructed to do so by the trainer.


MEET & GREET/CLIENT ONBOARDING The Meet & Greet/Client Onboarding Service is required for all new clients prior to requesting services. While we can tentatively pencil in your dates, we must meet you and your pets and assess your needs before we make a commitment to providing your pets’ care. Meet and Greets are $20 and go towards a trainer for their gas and time.


PACKAGES We do not offer individual classes to new clients. All packages are due upfront and non-refundable. Classes in the package must be scheduled on a week-to-week basis. We offer our Basic Snout and Advanced Snout packages for those with no behavioral issues. For dogs who are more timid, reactive, or aggressive we have our Timid Snout, Psycho Snout, and Grumpy Snout (coming soon) packages.


MAINTENANCE CLASSES Maintenance classes are designed to upkeep or fine-tune what we have been working on. This is a pay-as-you-go option. These classes are only available to clients who have completed a package. Payment is due the day of the scheduled class. 



Cancellations made 24 hours in advance will have no penalty and must be rescheduled. Same-day cancellations/No Shows will be charged a cancellation fee which is the equivalent of one class in the package and must be rescheduled. Each package has an additional 4 weeks for rescheduling purposes. Any classes outside of the rescheduling time frame will not be refunded. 


DEPOSITS AND PAYMENT All payments must be debit/credit and can be made through the portal and packages must be paid in full before training classes may be redeemed. Clients must store a card on file for same-day cancellation fees or no-shows. 


TRAINING HOURS Classes are held Monday through Thursday from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and will not exceed 1 hour. The duration of training depends on the dog's temperament, energy, and willingness to train. Our office hours are the only hours we do scheduling (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).


HOLIDAYS Care Fur Pawz observes all federal holidays and training will not be conducted on the following holidays due to the high volume of requests for pet sitting. Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.


INCLEMENT WEATHER All services will be rendered as scheduled outside of severe or inclement weather. If the class was scheduled to be outside, the training may be moved inside and will be discussed between the owner and trainer. Inclement weather means that it is not safe for the trainer to drive or it's not safe weather for the dog to train. If the trainer needs to cancel, the Trainer will contact the owner as soon as possible.


All policies and guidelines are subject to change at Care Fur Pawz Ltd.’s discretion.

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