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Meet The Owner

My name is Shaela Pizzulo, I am the proud owner of Care Fur Pawz Ltd. My passion is animals and providing the best care possible. I live for the animals and understand that their beloved parents can't always be there. I want to build relationships and trust with each family and ensure the safety and happiness of your fur babies while in my or my team's care. It's my goal to bring professional pet care into the comfort of your home. Bringing that unique personalized touch to pet care is my specialty and I would love to show you and your fur families that experience.

Since I was little I knew I wanted to own a business and work with animals. At the age of 10, my dogs Mia and Checho, both Chihuahuas, had a litter of puppies which was not really the plan. Even though we did not foresee this, I was ready to dive all in and help however I could. I got the honor of helping her deliver the puppies and it was such an amazing experience. I started pet sitting at the age of 12 and at 19 I got my first Pet Resort job working as a Guest Attendant. I gained experience with feeding a 100+ capacity of animals, watching daycare groups of 15+ dogs, and completing nail trims and baths for many different breeds and sizes. After a year of being a Guest Attendant, I became the morning Manager and made it my mission to be the best pet care provider I could be and instill that in others as well.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I had to leave my job at the boarding facility. During this time, I attended Arapapaoe Community College for my Associate’s in Business Entrepreneurship. I decided to put this degree to work after pet-sitting for a friend. They only asked for me to check on his dog 3 times a day but on one night’s evening visit this pitbull’s eyes tugged on my heartstrings and I had to stay the night. How could I say no? That night I realized this is exactly what I wanted to do and got started creating my business and launched it in May 2022.

I am thrilled to announce that I am attending Animal Behavior College for Dog Training. My main focus is to build the human-canine bond through positive reinforcement and force-free training methods only! I want to show both the dog and their owner that training can be fun while developing a positive relationship between the owner and canine.


Being an animal lover myself, I own a Nash the Pit Bull Mix, Priscylla the Boston Terrier, and Daisy the Tabby. I love being outdoors doing activities such as hiking, biking, paddle boarding, and training with my own dogs with my husband.

We look forward to meeting many new families and helping them with their specific needs!

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My Qualifications and Experience

Certified Member of NAPPS

I am a certified member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. I am always learned and expanding my certification and experience.

Pet CPR & First Aid Certified

I am Pet CPR and First aid Certified by Red Cross and renew my certification every two years.

Licensed by PACFA

I am both a licensed pet hander and mobile groomer by the Pet Animal Care and Facilities Act (PACFA).

Insured & Bonded

Care Fur Pawz is insured and bonded by Pet Care Insurance for your peace of mind

Medication Administration

I have experience administering medications such as pills, oral solutions, eye medication. I do not administer insulin shots.


I have 3 years of experience in bathing and nail trims on both dogs and cats. I have bathed and given a nail trim to puppies and kittens. I try to make the session comfortable and stress-free for the fur babies.

Pet Sitting

I have been pet sitting for 10 years for friends, family, and professional clients.  Growing up I have always owned 5 dogs in my household and gained experience with many different breeds of all ages and sizes. Pets are dependent on humans and they can be hard work. I'm here to lend the extra hand.

Daycare/Boarding Facility Manager

eing a Manager of a Daycare and Boarding Facility I gained experience handling many different breeds, temperaments, ages, and exotics. My passion is animals and I take pride in the way I provide professional quality pet care.

Dog Training

Coming Soon!

I am currently attending Animal Behavior College and working towards earning my ABCDT. I am focusing on all positive and force-free dog training methods. Care Fur Pawz Ltd. will be offering Dog Training services in April 2024!

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