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Doggie Stay

Dog Training

 We offer dog training within a 15-mile radius of East Parker, Colorado.  Please contact us to see if you are in our service area.

Dog Training Philosophy

We believe training starts with developing a strong human-canine relationship. We are dedicated to using positive reinforcement and force-free training strategies only! It's our goal to teach you how to be the best advocate for your loyal companion without using any unnecessary tools or means of handing. We are up to date on the latest science behind modern training and focus our techniques around the well-being of the dog. 

Image by Marcus Cramer


Free (30 Minutes)

Girl with Dogs

Whether you know what package to start with or need a little bit more guidance, schedule a phone consultation first so we can get to know you and your dog's needs best! 


Package of five 75-minute lessons = $300

Akita Puppy

Designed for puppies 8 weeks to 6 months old. At this age, our main focus is household manners, basic obedience and puppy fundamentals. Once your pup is 6 month of age or older we can start going Beyond the Basics!


Package of five 75-minute lessons = $300

Dog's Portrait

This package goes over what is covered in the puppy principles but is suited for the attention and focus of an older dog. Upon completing your first package of four, if you feel your pup could benefit from more lessons you can book another package of four. If your pup is ready to move on, check out what Beyond the Basics has to offer!  

Beyond The Basics

Individual Lesson = $80

Package of five 75-minute lessons = $350

Dog Collar

If your pup is ready to go Beyond the Basics then this package is the one for you! We will take your pups training to the next level and work on advanced skills in public and around distractions. 

Behavior Modification

Initial Evaluation/Lesson = $90

Package of five 75-minute lessons= $400

Barking Dog

Behavior Modification may include but is not limited to leash reactivity, fence fighting, fearful behaviors, anxious behaviors, and other specialized behaviors. To ensure we are a good fit we will conduct a phone consultation followed by an in-home evaluation to get to know you and your dog better! If it's going to be a good fit, we will sign you up for a package of 6 to get you started! 

Day Training

Individual Lesson = $130

Package of five 2hr lessons = $600


Is your dog currently enrolled in a package or has completed a package and you don't have the time to always put in the practice? Care Fur Pawz will come and train your dog for you while you're out!

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